KidsRights Index 2022

Poland stands out. Out of the EU, out of the whole region. Is the situation really that bad?

Out of 185 surveyed countries (those that have ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child), Poland is on 123 position in the Kids Rights Index. It is the worst result in the EU, marked with a different colour on a map to mark a lower performance cluster.

Countries were scored in 5 areas: (1) ‘life’, (2) ‘ education’, (3) ‘protection’, (4) ‘health’ and (5) ‘enabling environment for child rights’. We performed not too bad (above 0,9) in protection (pos. 28, score 0,979), life (pos. 33, score: 0,93) and health (pos. 73, score: 0,916) rankings.

BUT we’ve got absolutely buried in the ‘enabling environment for child rights’ with pos. 168-173 and score 0,143. Among others we’ve got the lowest score of 1 in the category of non-discrimination and best interests of the child.


Here you can download the full report and definition of indicators.