Writing a book with and for children

My first reviewers are always at home. This is the thumb up, I got from my son after reading the first draft of my book I write with and for children.

The idea behind my project is prototyping. Children are my reviewers at each step of writing. They check language and plot. I use the material during workshops I do in schools, where apart of using it as an ice-breaker, I have a chance to further verify it.

Children are also:

  • my models – there is a 7 yo narrator telling stories of his own, his sister and his friends,
  • my teachers – as I use authentic children’s stories and experiences collected during my workshops, along with findings from my research.

Some of you could hear more about the project, because last year I talked about the book and the process of writing during my placemaking conferences. It is a summary of my 6-year work I’ve done in the field of children in a city: my research, workshops, as well as best practices from other places. It is aimed at empowering them during their first steps into the urban independence.

This year I’ve received a grant from the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage to finish writing it.

Realised within creative grant from the Minister of Culture and National Heritage