Memory in a city

After May in Le Plessis-Robinson, where I was surrounded by a new ‘old town’, in June I went for CHANGING CITIES V conference. It took place in Corfu town, which made me reflect further on a topic of place, continuity and power, as well as different aspects of memory in urban environment. Memory of the place was also a big topic of the conference itself, with a day session devoted to it.

Love, relations and a bit of play in a city

I have learnt to adapt. While moving on fixed routes around Warsaw I know how to switch off: I have big headphones with my favourite music for the route from work to home and e-book on my phone in case of longer trips on public transport. Sometimes, when I want a little change, I chose interaction with other people. Yet, my children exist here and now and they need to feed their need of being active here and now.

Kids choose our cars and clothes – why they don’t decide about their own space?

Getting ready for my presentation during “Children in the sustainable city” seminar I was thinking why children are so little present in designing cities, which they yet use. I remembered conversations with my friends of how much influence children – even the small ones – have on our purchase decisions. And I am not talking of small expenditures such as kids’ snacks or even clothes. Children co-decide when it comes to choosing cars, apartments, not to mention the destination of family summer holidays. In case of a car they might not be able to judge the engine’s performance or how economical it is, still we value their opinions, because we treat them as partners and equal users.