About me

I am:

  • speaker at international conferences,
  • founder and author of a bilingual cityforchildren.pl covering the topic of child-friendly cities and placemaking,
  • trainer, I’ve created an authoring program of empowering children in urban space, I lead awareness raising trainings for adults and workshops for children and adults,
  • EU expert in Urbact IV in Communication and Education,
  • member of international placemaking networks: a leader in Placemaking Europe Network and a member of KIDS working group, a fellow in Conscious Warsaw (chapter of Conscious Cities movement).

20 years of expertise in creating and implementing communication and educational campaigns in leading Polish PR consultancies and as in-house advisor has taught me to look at problems from the point of view of multiple stakeholders. I have experience of working with cities, business, public administration, universities and non-governmental organisations.

Graduate of among others:

  • Post-MBA Leadership Academy (French Institute of Management, Warsaw),
  • Urban studies (Institute for Public Space Research, Warsaw),
  • UrbanismX: Urban Design for the Public Good: Dutch Urbanism (Delft University of Technology).

For 6 years I have been researching how urban space answers the needs of children, with the special emphasis on children age 7-10, who start their urban independence.

Based in Warsaw, Poland.