Urban anti-educator

In my work with children I have adopted a role of anti-educator.

Calling myself another name would be unfair, as during my meetings with children it is me who learns. Only listening to children, giving attention to their needs and what they have to say, I can show them the importance of being sensitive to the needs of others, also in urban space.

During my workshops with children I show them that their voice matters and it is valuable, that they have right to their joys and insecurities, when they start independently exploring the urban space. It’s them who teach me what the city should like to they feel good, how they perceive the space, which needs they have in a city and how it fulfils them.

And because I can speak louder that children, I transfer this knowledge further to adults, or when I have a chance to run a joint workshop for adults and children, I let children become teachers and show how their world looks like.