3L rule

How to work with children? From running workshops and talking to children I have learnt the rule of 3L. The Ls are simple and difficult in the same time: Listen, Learn and Love.


Listen to what children want to share, what are their pleasures and problems. Listen to validate their experience. Your gain will be learning from them; their gain will be to learn that their voice matters. It will be a lesson of democracy and we will all benefit from it as a society.


Remember to enter the room with no agenda or assumptions, without an attitude of “knowing better” than the children about what they experience. The truth, put simply, is that you have little clue.


It is the word I often hear in children’s mouths, their simple solution to many things and ultimate answer to questions raised by urban space. Love turns your empathy on, helps you notice and include the needs of others and respect their rights. Love brings people together.