UX Design Poland, 04.2020

“Guerilla audit, i.e. experiencing urban space with children” – invitation for UX Design Poland conference. (in Polish)

We have talked a lot of agility, now it is time to check how it works in reality. Are cities going to have an agile answer to new challenges?

Some services, which we know from the city from before the pandemia will surely need to change. When we redesign them it is important to take into account needs of all users, including children. And – above all – to include children in the redesigning process, because they have natural agility.

So, can we learn from children instead of adjusting them to our vision of the world? Using my experience in placemaking, property sector and listening attentively to children, I will tell about a lesson that designers, as well as property sector and city officials can learn from urban audits with the youngest.

Please join me on 25 April 2020 during the second part of UX Poland Discovery conference, which will be devoted to working and creating solutions with children.