Kids & Cities webinar, 20.11

A children’s mayor of Amsterdam; a founder of a company, which solves very adult problems of organisations and societies with the help of children and in the same teaches problem solving to children; a mother of a child with autism spectrum; participation and inclusion experts and me – on 20th November, the international Children’s Day we will all talk during Kids & Cities international webinar on the importance of listening to children and supporting their independent performance in urban space. Join us!

The event will be held in English.

Registration is free:



Interview with Dominic, Children’s Mayor of Amsterdam, Gooitske Zijlstra, gooitz, Placemaking Europe Kids, Netherlands
Parent perspective of a mother of a child with autism spectrum, Inez van der Voet, Netherlands

How to ensure full implementation of children’s rights, and how will the EU-level developments further improve the situation of children in Europe?, Adriana Aralica, Associate Legal-Informational Centre for NGO (PIC), Slovenia
The city administration perspective: How to include those who are normally not listened to? , Roel Camps, Municipality of Antwerp, Belgium
How to apply children’s ideas and imagination to our work?, Bas Warmerdam, Founder ConsultingKids, Netherlands

Urban games. Writing a book with and for children about first steps into urban independence, Beata Patuszynska,, Placemaking Europe Kids, Poland
The mobility perspective: The safe last kilometre. Safe and sustainable route to school, Maciej Zacher, Municipality of Skawina, Placemaking Europe Kids, Poland
Presentation of workshops “With a camera on a slide” which enables kids to confidently talk about “Playgrounds through the third eye”, Urška Krajnc, Co-founder of the PaziPark, Slovenia

Panel discussion + Q&A

Organiser: Placemaking Europe Kids